Business Development & Advisory Services

Has your business successfully survived its first couple of years of life?

Is it straining to move forward into the next stage of development?

Developing the financial, human and management resources for growth is a major challenge to owner-managed businesses.

Achieving success at each stage of development involves a number of critical steps.

  • Being clear about what the objective is at each stage
  • Setting out the critical factors for achieving the objective
  • Developing the resources necessary to implement changes
  • Having non-financial as well as financial measures of performance
  • Managing the change process as the business faces each new challenge

We can help you achieve long-term growth in your business. Our Business Development services include:

  • The Preparation of Projections and Cash-Flow Forecasts
  • Business Plans
  • Advice on Financial Requirements
  • Sourcing on Capital
  • Negotiating required facilities
  • Application for Grant Assistance

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@dr_kjmcloughlin Avocado Keith ?? Bet your Dad in Sligo will have something to say about this 😜😜😜
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@dr_kjmcloughlin World famous Dr McLoughlin 👍
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Don't forget that the standard rate of VAT returned to 23% from 21% today. If your business is in need of guidance in these challenging times, remember that your first consultation with us is FREE! Get in touch today. #LouthChat #businesstips
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@thepadraick Best of luck and hope for a full recovery Padraic - sounds nasty in the extreme 🙏🙏
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